Summer Trips 2020

After discussing the implications of the current pandemic on the summer trips and speaking with the various ministries, the DEM has made the decision to cancel all summer activities: the trips to Albania and Ireland, as well, as the Escuela Amiga en Córdoba.

Hinojosa del Duque (Córdoba) 10-16 July
Price: 300 euros
Hinojosa del Duque is a mission point of the FIEIDE and this year, we will colaborate with the team living there, doing activities and events. There will also be workshops on evangelism and how to share your faith in the world we live in today.

Irland 7-19 August
Price: 590 euros
As new opportunity for the FIEIDE, this trip to Irland will focus on a misison point with the Irish Baptist Mission. We will post new information soon.

Albania 22-29 August
Price: 690 euros
Once again, the team will serve will serve at Eden Park Camp, outside of Tirana, the country´s capital. As in other years, they will help in the kitchen, cleaning and any other needs that go along with a children´s camp. It is an excellent way to serve in a place where God is working in the lives Albanian children.