Encounter 2020

Message from Pedro Arbalat:
Several days have passed since we were forced to cancel our Assembly, Convention and ENCOUNTER, which was difficult after so much effort to organize it. Specifically, in the case of ENCOUNTER, we were thrilled to have this meeting for the first time but we know that these things are in the Lord´s hands and His wisdom He knows the why of these things and when they appear negaitve, He converts them in blessing.

ENCOUNTER has not been permanently cancelled, only posponed. With the Lord´s help, we will have the Assembly next year in 2021. When we have the information, we will send you the new information.

Reimbursement: If you think that you are going to participate in ENCOUNTER next year, you can leave what you have paid as a deposit. If you are not sure, we can reimburse you. A discount of 1.5% will be made for those who paid with bank card to cover the cost of bank fees. For example, if someone pade 120€, they will be reimbursed 118,20€.

In the case of those who paid with foreign bank cards, the reimbursement will have a bank fee of 3,5%. We apologize for any inconvenience and please let us know how we can serve you.

To request a reimbursement:

For more information, please contact Pedro Arbalat, pedro.arbalat@fieide.org